and Super Global Training Program
for Female and Young Faculty


Kyushu University launched “Diversity and Super Global Training Program for Female and Young Faculty (SENTAN-Q)”, following selected for funding under MEXT’s 2019 Initiative for Realizing Diversity in the Research Environment, which is a Human Resource Development Support Program.

The aim of SENTAN-Q is to provide outstanding female and young faculty with opportunities for strengthening their research and educational skills to meet the highest global standards through training courses offered by world top-level overseas researchers. The program also intends to accelerate the promotions of successful trainees to high-ranking and management positions and contribute to the university building a research and educational environment that will be recognized as truly global.

SENTAN-Q is being implemented with the cooperation of the entire university, as part of administrative reforms centered around “young, female and foreign researchers” as set forth in Kyushu University’s Mid-term Objectives and Mid-term Plans and the National University Administration Reforms Facilitation Project. Each fiscal year, ten trainees are selected from outstanding female and young faculty through a highly transparent screening process by the selection committee whose members include the experts from outside the university. Successful trainees will receive a certificate and tenured position or a one level promotion granted within one year of the completion of two years training.

SENTAN-Q will run for six years with six generation of trainees. We hope to utilize the program and further develop the university to raise its global competitiveness.

Tatsuro Ishibashi

President of Kyushu University